These Easter Mason Jar crafts are ADORABLE! Don't miss them!

13 Easter Mason Jar Crafts Proven to Make You SMILE!

Spring is in the air so it’s time to start working on those Easter mason jar crafts; they make the cutest “baskets” to fill with treats for the kids {and grownups!} to enjoy.

13 of the Best Easter Mason Jar Crafts

13. Adorable cute mini jars with bunny ears!

Easter Bunny Mason Jars | Gifts | DIY | Crafts

Easter Mason Jars

12. The Easter Bunny will be lured right in with these bunny bait jars!

Mason Jar Crafts | Easter | DIY | Gifts

Bunny Bait Mason Jars

11. Bunny ears and bunny tails make for ADORABLE Easter baskets!

Easter Mason Jars | Easter Basket | DIY | Crafts | Gifts | M&MS

Mason Jar Easter Basket

10. Sometimes the simplest of crafts turn out to be the CUTEST!

Easter Mason Jars | Gifts | Crafts | DIY | Chocolate Bunny

Mason Jar Chocolate Easter Bunny Gifts

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CHECK them OUT! How CUTE are these Mason Jar crafts for Easter??

LOVE these Easter Mason Jar crafts - and the kids will too!
How CUTE is that carrot jar?? So many great Easter Mason Jar craft ideas here!

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