Children's Magazine Subscriptions Make Great Christmas Gifts

Children’s Magazine Subscriptions Make Great Christmas Gifts

Does your child love to receive things in the post? In today’s digital age it’s not often the mailman actually stops by our homes, which is why a subscription makes a wonderful Christmas gift.

With these children’s magazine subscriptions your child will have a “gift” delivered to their door every month of the year.

That’s what you call a gift that keeps on giving!

Children’s Magazine Subscriptions Make Great Christmas Gifts

Magazines are a wonderful gift as each and every issue will encourage your child to read and to learn about the world around them.

Here are three great subscription options for kids of all ages.

Cricket Kid’s Magazine Subscription


Cricket is a wonderful magazine, aimed at children between 9 and 14.

Every issue is packed full of stories, puzzles, recipes and nature and science articles.

This magazine has been popular with children since the 1970s and is one that they will keep coming back to read over and over.

Highlights High Five Preschooler Magazine Subscription

Highlights High FiveHighlights High Five

Younger children will look forward to receiving a new copy of Highlights High Five each month.

Aimed at children aged between 2 and 6 this magazine encourages your child to have a sense of wonder about the world while helping them develop reasoning, problem solving skills and creative expression.

Spider Magazine Subscription


Spider is aimed at children aged between 6 and 9 and is filled with stories, poems and illustrations.

It’s the perfect choice for children who love to read.

Activity Box Subscriptions

A number of companies offer activity box subscriptions so your child has something new to work on each month.

The folks at Green Kid Crafts will send your child a box full of STEM projects every month!

  1. Green Kids Crafts – with a subscription to Green Kids Crafts your child will receive 3 or 4 creativity and STEM science activity boxes each month based around a theme; think Outer Space, Nocturnal Animals or Kitchen Scientist.

Book Subscriptions

If your child loves to read you might want to consider one of these monthly book club subscriptions:

  1. Dr Seuss and his friends – If your child loves Dr Suess this could be the perfect gift. This monthly bookclub will help you to spend quality time with your child enjoying a good book together and helping to develop their sense of creativity and imagination.
  2. Kindle Fire with Kindle Unlimited – If you are planning on buying your child a tablet this Christmas take a close look at the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition which comes with a year of Kindle Freetime Unlimited, giving your child access to 5,000 books, movies, games and educational apps at no extra cost.

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My kids are going to love getting something in the mail each month - makes a Christmas gift last the whole year!

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