Being told you’re expecting twins is both amazing and terrifying all wrapped up into one single piece of news. If you’re wondering how on earth you are going to fit two babies into your bedroom when they first arrive stop worrying! The Graco Pack n Play Twins Bassinet Vance is just what you need. It works great in the family room too so your babies can nap without you having to keep carrying them up and down the stairs.

Graco Twin Playard

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What’s So Great About the Graco Pack n Play Twins Bassinet Vance?

When your babies are small they spend an awful lot of the day just napping and having a playard available in a downstairs room makes life so much easier. It’s bad enough having to keep going up and downstairs to put one baby down for a nap but with twins that’s double the amount of stair climbing!

Some parents use the bassinets in the early days home from hospital when they prefer to have the babies sleeping in their room rather than in their cribs in the nursery.

The Graco twin pack ‘n play is perfect because it has two bassinets tucked in the top, so your babies can nap together but in their own little space. And it saves your back too because you don’t have to reach right down to the bottom of the playard to put them down to sleep or get them up again.

Each bassinet has it’s own hood so that you can adjust it to keep the light of each baby; after all we don’t want to risk anything waking them up!

When they outgrow the bassinets (at around 15lbs) you can use the playard for playing or napping.

And of course like any Graco pack ‘n play it folds up into it’s own carry case so you can take it with you for an overnight stay at grandma or even on vacation.

Graco Twin with Bassinets removed

Who Can Use the Twin Playard?

This one is for you if your twins still weigh less than 15lbs each and are unable to push themselves up on their hands and knees yet.

Once they exceed that weight then the bassinets are no longer safe for them to sleep in but they can still use the playard section for playing or napping.

Of course if your twins are already over the weight limit you will want to skip this version and just buy a regular pack n play instead.

The Twin Bassinet Playard in Action

Do You Have Room for the Playard?

If you’re wondering whether the playard will fit in the space you have available in your bedroom or family room here are the all important dimensions:

Height: 34″
Width: 35″
Length: 46″
Weight: 29.2 lbs

What’s Not to Love About it?

Some parents have complained that the playard snags and the babies roll towards the middle but others have said they don’t have that issue so it seems to come down to the way the bassinets are attached to the playard. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you should be ok.

The other downside is that the bassinets are secured to the playard (which is actually an upside for safety reasons) but it means you can’t just simply lift the bassinets out to use the playard underneath. Rather the playard is there waiting for you to use once your twins have outgrown the bassinets.

Should You Get the Graco Pack n Play with Twin Bassinet?

If you are expecting twins and you want you are looking for a twin bassinet so that they can sleep in your room at night, or in the family room during the day then this is a great choice. Once the babies have outgrown their bassinets you can set them aside and use the playard for playtime or nap time.

Graco with Twin Bassinet - VanceCheck the price

If your twins already weigh more than 15lbs and you are shopping for a pack ‘n play this is not the right option for you and you need to buy a regular pack ‘n play instead.