Delicious Lemonade Dessert Recipes: Because Lemonade is Not Just For Drinking!

Easy Lemonade Dessert Recipes for Kids

When you think of hot summer days do you picture a nice cool glass of lemonade? This year why not go one better and make one of these delicious lemonade dessert recipes?

When you think of hot summer days do you picture a nice cool glass of lemonade? This year why not go one better and make one of these delicious lemonade dessert recipes?

Lemonade Dessert Recipes

1. Pink Lemonade Pie

“This creamy Pink Lemonade Pie is a great dessert for any time of year but it is particularly good for summer. So simple to prepare, you can even make this dessert on a hot summer day; it is no-bake so you don’t have to worry about heating up your kitchen while making it!” – It Is A Keeper

2. No Bake Lemonade Cheesecake Recipe

“With the start of spring, my desire for fresh and wholesome flavors goes into overdrive. I’m done with warm soups and hearty meals — I want bright flavors that wake up my senses. The light and refreshing taste of lemonade does just the trick for me. Even better when it’s inside this incredibly delicious no bake lemonade cheesecake recipe! ” – Spaceships and Laserbeams

3. Pink Lemonade Pie

“This version uses pink lemonade and has a crust of Ritz crackers. Yum. You can try raspberry or strawberry lemonade too I’m sure. I know this is more of a summer dish but we are still sweating over here in Florida.” – The Girl Who Ate Everything

4. Cookies and Cups Lemonade Brownies

“I’ve seen a few versions of Lemon Brownies on Pinterest, and even tried a few of the recipes…but they didn’t turn out the way I expected. So I played around in the kitchen until I got want I wanted: a tart, sweet, cake-ish, brownie-ish textured bar made with dry lemonade mix.” – Cookies and Cups

5. Lemonade Meringue Pie Recipe

“Lemonade concentrate and lemon juice give this special pie an excellent citrus flavor. I also like to add some lemon zest on top of the meringue.” – Taste of Home

6. Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars

“Nothing brings the images of summer to life more than lemonade. Picture kids on the corner with their adorable lemonade stands or settling under the beach umbrella with a cool lemonade in your hand. I wanted to capture that feeling in a delicious dessert and came up with these amazing strawberry lemonade cheesecake bars. And by amazing, I mean the best cheesecake bars EVER!” – Just for Us Four Blog

7. Soft Frosted Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

“The base cookie is a soft and pillow-y lemon sugar cookie which isn’t too sweet, begging to be topped with loads of frosting. The strawberry buttercream is bursting with sweet berry flavor and dolloped on top gives these cookies that sweet/tart flavor combo that I love so much. These are truly the ultimate summer cookie- so fresh and bright!” – The Baker Chick

8. Pink Lemonade Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

“Here’s a fun twist on a classic! These would be perfect for parties, baby showers, or just a fun treat for your kids. Plus, they are so easy to make that it’s a great way to get kids in the kitchen!” – Saving Every Day

9. Lemonade Cookie Cups and Whoopie Pies

“Not only do you get 18 pink lemonade cookie cups and 18 pink lemonade whoopie pies, but you also get 9 teeny weeny mini cookies for the cookie cups out of one boxed cake mix! Although the cake mix and frosting were store bought, they are still so pretty and delicious! So if you have never made cookies from a cake mix, it is quite possibly the easiest dessert ever! ” – Shaken Together Life

10. Strawberry Lemonade Icebox Cake

“Until this beautiful dessert you see here, I had never had an ice box cake. I always imagined some soggy mess and it never sounded all that appealing to me. However, since I had an over abundance of lemons and strawberries, I was brainstorming ideas for desserts I could make. I recently made Lemon Whipped Cream and knew that would be a perfect filling for a cake. But I didn’t feel like baking. So the Strawberry Lemonade Ice Box Cake was born!” – Yellow Bliss Road

The only thing better than a nice cool glass of lemonade - is one of these delicious lemonade desserts!

11. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

“Summer has come to an end, but we can still enjoy these FUN Pink Lemonade Cupcakes! The soft, from scratch, pink lemonade cupcake is topped with a creamy pink lemonade buttercream frosting. Don’t forget the fun garnishes too!” – Shugary Sweets

12. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Dessert

“””When we did get some a few really hot days a few weeks back, this dessert cooled us off in a big way. It’s simple to toss together and requires just 3 ingredients. Yep, just 3..and, come on this is stuff you probably have in your kitchen right now, right?! It’s an amazing, sweet combo that even better when topped off with a bit of whipped topping.
Get to coolin’ off with this one right away….””” – Our Table for Seven

13. Raspberry Lemonade Bars

“They’re bright, cheery, packed with raspberries and tangy lemonade to help beat the winter blues, and the best part? There’s a little cheesecake tucked in too. I firmly believe cheesecake makes every dessert better – am I right? ” – Tidy mom

14. Lemon Burst Cupcakes

“Here’s the deal with these cupcakes – They are NOT your average cupcake. They’re infused with lemonade and lightened up with greek yogurt. They’re moist, bright, and totally refreshing. ” – I Wash you Dry

15. Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie

“Sometimes summertime just calls for a big glass of refreshing lemonade! Well, how about I told you, you can now get that refreshing lemonade in a Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie? This pie, once it’s set up and frozen, is almost like eating sherbet in a pie crust! It’s smooth and refreshing and the pink is so fun. It would even be great for a girl baby shower!” – Dessert Now Dinner Later

16. Berry Lemonade Popsicles

“Berry Lemonade Popsicles are perfect for summer with fresh strawberries and blueberries!” – The First Year Blog

17. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie

“This Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie is fluffy, light, and refreshing. Plus, it’s no bake and easy to make gluten free!” – Neighbor Food Blog

18. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

“Today I’ll be sharing these yummy pink lemonade cupcakes I made last week for a friends shower! They are pretty much the cutest cupcakes around. Not to mention super tasty! Pink lemonade frosting may be my new favorite.” – I Heart Naptime

19. Strawberry Lemonade Cake

“This cake was so delicious. You get the slight sour tang from the lemonade and the sweet sugary goodness you should get with any cake. This is like summer in cake-form. ” – Bakeaholic Mama

20. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

“I’ve been wanting to try out some Pink Lemonade Cupcakes since last summer. I love that they are a little bit sweet and a little bit tart combined with buttercream it makes for one awesome flavor! I debated wether or not I wanted to make these from scratch or spruce up a cake mix, the lazy bug bit me and I opted to spruce up a cake mix and it worked lovely! Not only did they taste great they fit perfectly into the category of an easy summer treat.” – Make Bake Celebrate

Oh my these lemonade dessert recipes look delicious!

21. Raspberry Lemonade Bars

“Tangy, vibrant, subtly sweet with a rich, buttery crust. These raspberry lemonade bars are the perfect summer dessert. They’re a little bit more dense than your typical lemon bar which makes them even more baker friendly! Easy to cut and they have a GORGEOUS vibrant color. Dust them with powdered sugar if you want but I actually like them better without.” – The Improve Kitchen

22. Strawberry Lemonade Cake Recipe

“There is nothing better than a cold glass of strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day. Well, I thought there wasn’t anything better until I had a slice of Strawberry Lemonade Cake. All of the same refreshing flavors, but in cake form. Count me in!” – Two Peas and Their Pod

23. Cookies and Cups Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

“This Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting is an all time favorite recipe!” – Cookies and Cups

24. Pink Lemonade Icebox Pie Squares

“Do you ever wonder how you live as long as you do, cook as long as you do and still find new recipes to try? The recipe I have for you today is one of those recipes for me. Have you ever had lemonade pie? Last summer I tasted lemonade pie for the first time. I had never even heard of it before I tasted it. And I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it.” – Tastes of Lizzy T

25. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

“When I found a recipe for Pink Lemonade Cake, I knew that’s what I wanted to make! I decided to give it my own little twist by making cupcakes instead of cake. For me there’s only one thing better than cake and that’s cupcakes. The results were as cute as ever!” – BHG

26. You are My Sunshine (Frozen Lemonade Pie)

“The recipe for this little gem is ridiculously easy and doesn’t call for one single organic, farm-raised, free range, all natural ingredient. In fact, there are only four ingredients required – five, if you make your own crust. And, one of the ingredients involved is Cool Whip, which I hear many foodies don’t even consider to be real food. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have ever posted about this pie. I would have been too worried about damaging any reputation I might have as a “legitimate” foodie. After all, a five year-old could whip this puppy up, so you certainly don’t need me to tell you how to do it. ” – Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy

27. Raspberry Lemonade Bars

“Raspberry Lemonade Bars are refreshingly tangy, tart, fruity, and sweet.” – Handle the Heat

28. Pink Lemonade Macarons

“Nothing screams baby shower quite like pink cookies…especially Pink Lemonade Macarons! They are perfect for summer. Macarons are French almond-based sandwich cookies. They’re gluten free and can be pretty finicky if you’re not familiar with baking. If you weigh all your ingredients and follow my directions though, you should be well ahead of most and have great success with these little guys.” – Caitlin Wilson

29. Exclusively Food: Lemonade Scone Recipe

“This very quick and easy recipe produces lovely light scones. They are best served hot from the oven.” – Exclusively Food

30. Pink Lemonade Ruffle Cupcakes

“I decided to make Pink Lemonade Ruffle Cupcakes for my Cook for the Cure post, and use my all-time favorite cupcake recipe. It’s one of those no-fail recipes and consistently produces delicious, moist cupcakes. I love that it makes 36 cupcakes; enough for a party, plus a stash in the freezer! ” – The Cafe Sucre Farine

Well I hadn't thought of using lemonade to make a dessert - but these look fabulous!

31. Strawberry Lemonade Bars

“They are so refreshing – sweet and tart – and delicious! The pretty pink colour would also be perfect for a baby shower or a wedding dessert bar…” – Luicucina

32. Pink Lemonade Ombre Cake Recipe

“The challenge is an ombre cake. That’s cool, I’ve not made one of those before. Hmmmm, let’s make the cake a pink lemonade cake, because I’ve not made one of those before either. Icing? Yes I need to ice it. Let’s pipe flower rose thingies, because I’ve never piped icing onto a cake before. Oh hang on, let’s make the iced rose thingies dual coloured, because the YouTube video (obviously a pro that has made rose thingies many times before) makes it look like a breeze, and I’m an idiot.” – Belly Rumbles

33. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

“I’ve got sweet and tangy, farm-stand fresh Pink Lemonade Cupcakes for you today. So pull up a front porch rocker and get ready to enjoy the appeal of this summertime sensation.” – A Spicey Perspective

34. Pink Lemonade Cake

“I have been adding lemonade flavor to everything this summer including this Pink Lemonade Cake. I was inspired by the original Lemonade Cake on BHG which looked like a simple and delightful sheet cake that I could definitely have fun making!” – BHG

35. Strawberry Lemonade Bars

“Strawberry lemonade is such a quintessential summer drink. Bars that taste like strawberry lemonade are even better than drinking it.” – Averie Cooks

36. Raspberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars

“These beautifully vibrant Raspberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars are bursting with fresh, slightly tart, sweet, and summery flavors. You need to make these!” – Handle the Heat

37. Lemonade Ice Cream

“Lemonade Ice Cream is the perfect summer combination of two favorite summertime treats – ice cream and lemonade all in one.” – I Heart Naptime

38. Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

“These cupcakes will have you imagining you are sitting on a tropical beach somewhere with the sun shinning on your face or on an afternoon picnic with the warm breeze on your face sipping a glass of vibrantly flavored pink lemonade.” – Cooking Classy

39. Lemonade Cake Recipe

“This recipe is super easy. You can always use a boxed cake mix if you are in a bind or you can make your own homemade version of yellow cake for the recipe. This Lemonade Cake recipe would be a great reason to make your own homemade yellow cake mix and keep it on hand in the pantry!” – Little House Living

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