Meal Planning Made Easy – Week 1

At the Super Mommy Club we’re all about making your life easier so that you have more time in your day to spend with your kids, your hubby or even just to take a shower. And that’s why we think meal planning is so important.

Planning what you will feed your family a week in advance not only saves you time in the kitchen but it saves you time and money at the grocery store too. And your family is less likely to get bored of eating the same meals over and over!

But meal planning itself can be hard work, so we’re going to try and make your life a little easier there too. We’ve joined forces with some fabulous food bloggers, and every Friday we’ll bring you a ready made meal plan. All you have to do is click through to see the recipe so you know what ingredients you need to buy at the store!

These recipes look delicious - and I love having a ready made meal plan!

Meal Planning Made Easy

Here’s a quick tip for you – treat yourself to one of these weekly planning boards so that you can make a note of your meal plan. Not only will you not forget what you’re making but the whole family can see what they’ll be enjoying for dinner!


Best Ever Meatloaf

“I always used Mama’s meatloaf version. And my husband devoured it, too. But ever since I tweaked it a bit with a few extra seasonings, I’ve been able to bake a meatloaf that’s out of this world. It really is the best meatloaf ever–seriously. After this one, my husband and boys have never found another meatloaf that even came close. For the best ever meatloaf, the secret is in just a couple of seasoning choices to create a meatloaf like no other.” – Written Reality


Simple Dinners: Crunchy BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

“I am always trying to recreate some of our favorite dishes from restaurants. I had great success with my Queso Blanco so I started to take a crack at another one of my favorites: Crunchy BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad. When it comes to simple dinners, this doesn’t get much easier! Not only is it a simple meal, it’s also inexpensive making it the perfect dinner for those tight times around the first and fifteenth of the month.” – A Grand Life


Leftovers Recipes: Roast Beef and Cheddar Pizza

“My house is filling with the scent of dinner cooking, and after the second time of having this delicious pizza, I thought it was time I share it with you. Roast Beef Pizza is designed to be a leftovers recipe after a holiday meal, but can also be made with deli meat or leftovers from last night’s dinner.” – Real: The Kitchen and Beyond


Grilled Pork Chops with Rosemary Garlic Rub

“This recipe was extremely easy to put together. When I first made it, I mixed up the wet rub the night before. Then, when it was time to make dinner, all I needed to do was grill up the chops.” – It is a Keeper


Cheesy Sloppy Joe Casserole with Frozen Burgers

“I truly believe that it’s sooo important to have good healthy meals and snacks throughout each day to keep strong and healthy bodies going. Here’s the thing…I simply get tired. It’s exhausting cooking so much each and every day, especially after a busy weekend. So I’ve learned to make some super quick and easy meals that I can fix in a flash and that my family will enjoy. ” – Faith Filled Food for Mom


Simple Dinners: Baked Breaded Chicken

“Simple Dinners are the name of the game at my home while I balance work, volunteering, and being a mom of 5 kids. Baked Bread Chicken is such an easy weeknight dinner. You can make this recipe up ahead of time in several batches and freeze it. Or, like me, have your kids help you with the prepping of the chicken breasts followed by breading the chicken.” – A Life in Balance


Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap

“This Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap is my daughters favorite quick lunch or dinner and she asks me to make them for her a few times a week. They are quick, easy and healthier than what you would get from a fast food restaurant.” – Nepa Mom


Blackberry Lavender Bundt Cake

“This Blackberry Lavender Bundt Cake is so beautiful, it is the perfect centerpiece and one of my favorite dessert recipes for your next party or holiday.” – A Day in Candiland

Looking for More?

19 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes to Help You Beat the Heat

“Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean you need to banish your slow cooker to the back of the cupboard. Slow cooker recipes are perfect for hot days because they don’t heat up your kitchen like the oven does, and you can let the slow cooker do it’s work while you get out and enjoy the weather with your family.” – Super Mommy Club

If you loved this meal plan don’t miss our other kid friendly recipes including our collection of 30 Minute Dinners or Easy Ground Beef Casserole Recipes for more great ways to make healthy meals the whole family will enjoy together.

~Clare, currently pinning to Kid Friendly Recipes

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Meal Planning Made Easy - The Ladies Behind the Recipes!

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