These mermaid gardens are BEAUTIFUL and a great change from a fairy garden!

16 Magical Mermaid Gardens You Can Make in An Afternoon

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You know we go weak at the knees crazy about fairy gardens around here but if you prefer your fairytales to be ocean based you are going to LOVE these mystical mermaid gardens instead!

Gorgeous Mermaid Gardens

16. Broken Pot Mermaid Garden

Broken Pot Mermaid Garden

Found it here >> @the-potted-fairy

If you have a broken pot you’ve been meaning to throw away why not build a fairy garden inside it instead! Layer two more pots inside and fill with shells and succulents before adding your mermaid , her dolphin friend and the treasure chest she is protecting.

If you need a mermaid treasure chest you can get one here.

15. A Mermaid Party in a Planter

A Mermaid Party in a Planter

Found it here >> @maryengelbreit

This isn’t so much a mermaid garden as a mermaid party! It’s up to you whether you fill your planter with artificial plants or succulents, but be sure to fill it full of treasures and knick knacks for those mermaids to chat about!

You can easily get artificial aquarium plants here.

14. Sleeping Mermaid

Sleeping Mermaid

Found it here >> @TinkerTreasuresMinis

How beautiful is this sleeping mermaid with her shimmering tail? She’ll be the perfect centrepiece for your mermaid garden.

13. Succulent Mermaid Terrarium

Succulent Mermaid Terrarium

Found it here >> @pachira422

Take your terrarium an extra step by adding in a beautiful sleeping mermaid and some blue glass pebbles.

You can easily get blue glass pebbles here.

12. Terrarium DIY: How to Make a Miniature Garden

Found it here >> Grace Liebenow

If you’re not sure how to actually put your mermaid garden together take a moment to watch this video.

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