Rainbow Birthday Cakes | Girls | Boys | Ombre | Frosting

Rainbow Birthday Cakes for Girls

Rainbow Birthday Cakes for Girls

These Rainbow Birthday Cakes for Girls are the perfect way to brighten up a birthday party. We have everything from Ombre designs to My Little Pony.

This rainbow unicorn cake is stunning! And easier to make than it looks!

How GORGEOUS is this rainbow unicorn cake - and way EASIER to make than it looks!

These bunting flags are super cute!

Rainbow Birthday Cake for Girls - Bunting | Flags | Chevron Cake

The perfect rainbow birthday cake for a My Little Pony fan!

Rainbow Birthday Cake | My Little Pony Cake

Add some rainbow macaroons for the ultimate rainbow cake

Rainbow | Birthday Cake | Macaroons | Chocolate

Cover your cake in rainbow frosting and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Rainbow Birthday Cake | Rainbow Frosting | Ombre Cake

Don’t forget the rainbow on top of your cake!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake | Sprinkles | Clouds | Birthday Cake

This rainbow cake is dripping with yummy icing and sweets

Rainbow Cake | Birthday | Party Rings | Unicorn | Drip Cake

Rainbow twirls and My Little Ponies

My Little Pony Birthday Cake | Rainbow Cake | Personalized

The perfect rainbow cake for a first birthday party

First Birthday Cake | Rainbow | Tiers | Personalized

You can bake this rainbow cake in less than one hour!

Magical Garden Cake | Birthday Cake | Girls | Rainbow | Easy

Super easy rainbow poke cake

Rainbow Cake | Poke Cake | Easy | Birthday | Jello Cake

This Smartie covered cake will have the kids jumping for joy

Rainbow Birthday Cake | Smarties Cake | Girl

Sometimes simple is the way to go

Birthday Cake | Modern | Rainbow | Kids | Girls

Rainbow cakes can be pastel too

Pastel Rainbow Birthday Cake | Ruffles | Butterflies

Rainbow Birthday Cakes | Girls | Boys | Ombre | Frosting

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