Easy Halloween Spider Recipes

Easy Halloween Spider Recipes for Kids

You know how much I love hanging out on Pinterest right? Well the other day I stumbled across the most adorable spider cupcakes… and suddenly I was inspired to pull together as many easy Halloween spider recipes for kids I could find.

So whether you’re planning a party for a birthday or for Halloween, or you just want to make some fun spooky spider themed cookies or cupcakes on a Sunday afternoon you need to check these out!

Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids Spider Style

Easy Halloween Spider Recipes

1. Cobweb Cookies Recipe

“It’s frightening how simple it is to create these creepy Halloween cookies right on your stove top!” – Betty Crocker

2. Itsy Bitsy Spider Cookies

“So if you’re having a Halloween Party or are invited to one, perhaps you want to give these to your class, take them to the office party or just make ’em for yourself, these are a great way to celebrate in a ghoulish, creepy way!” – The Kitchen Whisperer

3. Spiderweb Cupcakes

“The fastest way to make something Halloweenish is to throw a spiderweb on it. You can add a spiderweb to brownies, cupcakes, or cookies. Supersize your web and put a huge one on a brownie or cookie pizza. The possibilities are endless. If you want add black plastic spiders on top of your web.” – The Girl Who Ate Everything

4. Attack of Spider Cookies

“And the whole story began when a few days ago, I found this really great idea for Halloween dessert! In a moment, I came to the idea that instead of a chocolate head, I could put half a Ferrero Rocher ball. As for the cookies, you can bake any of them and this time, I chose the simple peanut butter cookies. And only a few legs from chocolate ganache and in the blink of an eye, you have a beautiful treat for the coming holiday.” – OMG Chocolate Desserts

5. Spiderweb Cupcakes and Chocolate Spiders

“In addition to planning costumes like a crazy pageant mom, I’m now that person snatching up all the Halloween knick-knacks and decorations and themed cupcake liners and other nonsense. Who am I? I don’t even know. All I know is that my newfound obsession with Halloween led me to create these spiderweb cupcakes, and for that, I am not sorry.” – Sugar Hero

6. Easy Mini Donut Spiders

“Looking for a fun, easy Halloween craft you can do with your kids that won’t take a lot of prep time? How about these cute mini donut spiders? They’re easy to put together – even my three year old was able to make one – and they don’t take too many supplies. Plus they’re pretty tasty. As evidenced by the fact that mine immediately started “mysteriously” disappearing.” – Its Always Autumn

7. Along Came a Spider Treats

“Need a super-quick, super-easy Halloween treat? Here you go! These spider cookies come together in no time at all. Twist open the chocolate sandwich cookies, add some black lace licorice strands and white candy coating, close up the cookies, and add the eyes—that’s all it takes!” – Pizzaria

8. Spider Web Pumpkin Cupcakes

“I think one of the most common cake/cupcake decorations I see around Halloween time are spiders and webs. I have seen countless variations…all of them as cute as can be! This was my take on them…” – Cake Whiz

9. Brownie Bite Spider Treats

“This is a cute and easy recipe that is perfect for preschool Halloween parties. They also make a fun fall treat for kids of all ages. And my 3 year old daughter LOVED helping me make them.” – Practival Mommy

10. Oreo Spiders and Twizzler Spider Web Cake

“Last year, I used Oreo cookies to make sprinkly spider cookies. As if that wasn’t enough, I used black and yellow Twizzlers to make my very POPULAR Twizzler cake! This year, I am COMBINING Twizzlers and Oreos into ONE cake!” – Cake Whiz

11. Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

“My kids love dipping bread sticks in pizza sauce so we decided to make a pizza spider with breadstick legs which meant the best of both worlds.” – Miss Information Blog

12. Halloween Treats: Spiderweb Sandwich Cookies

“Looking for fun Halloween treats? These Spiderweb Sandwich Cookies are easy-to-make and sure to be a hit during your Halloween parties.” – Home Cooking Memories

13. Black Widow Spider Pancakes

“These spider pancakes were easy to make, and while I know they are not technically black like a real Black Widow, these chocolate pancakes were a yummy hit with the boys.” – The Joys of Boys

14. Halloween Rolo Chocolate Spiders

“If you are still looking for an easy last minute treat to make with your kids on Halloween…these ROLO CHOCOLATE SPIDERS are meant for you.” – Cake Whiz

15. Spider Cupcakes

“Spooky spider cupcakes can me made from scratch or from boxed ingredients. I use a recipe that came from Hershey. If you are not that kind of baker you can go the box route and get dark chocolate mix and frosting.” – 365 Days of Crafts

16. Creepy, Crawly, Delicious Spider Cake Pops for Halloween

“The best thing about Halloween is the delicious sweets that come with it! This is one of my personal favorites – the creepy, crawly, delicious spider cake pops. They are sure to be a hit in any Halloween party or among your kids and family. Cake pops are easy to make – don’t be afraid to give them a go and see how the cake pop obsession will take over your life, too.” – Home Life Abroad

Making Cake Pops is super easy with one of these machines!

17. Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe

“I love fun Halloween recipes. It seems like there are always lots of cute “sweet treat” recipes for Halloween, but not so many for “real” food. So, that makes this Spiderweb Spookamole dip recipe extra special. It can make the perfect appetizer for a Halloween party, or use it as a late night snack after an evening of Trick-or-Treating.” – Thrifty Recipes

If you loved these Easy Halloween Spider recipes for kids, and you’re looking for more Halloween ideas check out these fun activities your kids will love or this free Halloween costume planner printable to help you get organised!

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Loving these spider treats - perfect for our Halloween party!

Easy Halloween Spider Recipes for Kids: These spooky spider recipes are perfect for a kid's party, Halloween or even a play date!

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