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12 Household Objects You Can Use to Make a Free Gym at Home!

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How to Workout with Household Items

One of the benefits of working out at home is that you don’t need to buy any exercise equipment. If your budget is tight don’t use that as an excuse not to exercise, you just need to take a look around your home and use your imagination to create a gym from the household objects you already have!

To get you started here’s 12 household objects you can use to make a free gym right in your home.

The Wall

We KNOW you have a fair few of these in your home so it’s a great place to start. Stand with your back against the wall and then bend your knees so that you lower yourself into a seated position. To start with this will be quite tricky but try and hold the position for a minute or longer to strengthen your legs.


You can work your calves using the bottom step of a flight of stairs, or even the stoop outside your door. Stand with your tiptoes on the step and your heels hanging over and then lower your heels as far as you can, then push up as high as you can. Repeat a few times to shape up your calves.

You can also get your heart rate up by simple stepping up and then down on the step, switching legs each time.


If you have a flight of stairs in your home then you have yourself a completely free alternative to a stair climber machine!

Walk up and down for 30 minutes to burn some calories, or check out the video for a Cardio HIIT workout you can do on your stairs!


To work on your shoulders, biceps and triceps stand in the middle of a door way and extend your arms out to the side, then simply press against the doorframe as hard as you can.


Here’s a super easy exercise you can do while watching television. Grab a pillow or a throw cushion and place it between your knees and then squeeze your legs together as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Release and then repeat 3-5 times. This will give your inner thighs a workout.

Then take things up a notch with the 3 minute abs workout shown in the video.


Use a towel to strengthen your shoulders by holding it above your head with your hands about 18 inches apart and pulling your arms apart as hard as you can. This creates a resistance which strengthens your muscles. Hold it for a few seconds and then rest and repeat.

Dining Room Chairs

There are actually quite a few workouts you can do with dining room chairs.

The first thing you can do is work on your triceps. Stand with your back to the chair (as if you were going to sit on it) then reach behind you and put your palms down on the seat. Now start lowering your body down to the ground. You will feel the workout in your biceps and glutes!

You can also put your chair to good use in at home Barre workouts.

Water Bottle

Add some strength training into your routine by using water bottles as hand weights. You can start out with the bottles filled with water but you’ll soon need to fill them with sand instead for a weightier dumbbell.

Gallon of Milk

When the sand dumbbells start to feel light trade up for a gallon bottle of milk or laundry detergent instead!

Bags of Fruit

Standard bags of apples or oranges are usually between 3 and 4 pounds. You will need to use both hands to carry them, but you can simply carry the bags when walking around the house, up and down the stairs, or doing your squats.

Laundry Basket

Why not use a laundry basket to your advantage? Fill up a laundry basket with clothes or towels, then put a large container of detergent on top. Start off with a bit of strength and cardio by carrying the basket up and down the stairs and then check out the video for more workouts you can do with a laundry basket.


Your kitchen and bathroom countertops are probably a good height for doing some push-ups. Just make sure they are made of sturdy materials so you don’t cause any damage to them. All you need to do is place both hands on the countertop and lean down at an angle, then push back up. Keep going for a few reps, take a break, and repeat.

Your Body

You know you don’t really need any equipment or tools at all to get fit, you just need your body. Check out our bodyweight workout to see what other cardio exercises you can add to your routine.

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